Part 2:The Awakening

The dramatic change from orthodox to revolutionary was effected by an experience that occurred to Mario in 1966. “In Perth, I had an experience which enabled me to begin to realise the potential of my clairvoyant abilities. One night (about 1966) I was lying in front of the fire in the lounge ... Although I was not even consciously meditating, I was taken out of my body into a cathedral-like building with no seats


in it, and monks moving around the place. In this spiritual atmosphere, a burning coal was placed on my forehead and stomach, which actually left burns on the flesh at these two points. When I came back into the body I could see colours. Nothing was defined, but colours were streaming from everywhere towards me”.

Mario Schoenmaker, The New Clairvoyance, 1st ed.. (Bath, UK: Gateway Books, 1986).


This experience would take Mario to the consistent abiity to perceive auras; and from there to commencing the Spiritual Readings which directly affected thousands of people.

It had even more far-reaching consequences - it opened up to him a direct insight into the spiritual worlds which lead on to his developing into the Spiritual Teacher and the opening up of his life work.

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