Born 18th November, 1929, Reverend Mario Schoenmaker was a charismatic and enigmatic individual. Emigrating from Holland to Australia as a young man, he commenced a promising career as a protestant minister in WA. The prospect of an orthodox vocation was unexpectedly shattered through the development of a rare clairvoyant gift.

“One night in 1966 I was sitting in front of the fire in the lounge room with my wife and a few friends. Although I was not consciously even meditating I was taken out of my body into a cathedral-like building. In this spiritual atmosphere burning coals were placed on my forehead and stomach, which actually left burns on the flesh at these two points. When I came back into the body I could see colours. Nothing was defined, but colours were streaming from all directions towards me” (New Clairvoyance - Schoenmaker 1986).

After this experience (which as he says, left physical burns at two points) his work as a protestant minister was forever changed. This web site traces some of the patterns of a life that affected thousands of people - often in very personal ways. His work also erupted into the national and international media. Amongst other achievements, Rev Mario was (with his co-worker Rev Colin Read) the founder of the first Australian born church to be recognised by the Australia Government.

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